Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mulching in Bergen County NJ

For the most part, mulch is woodchips. What it really does for lawns is something many people do not know.

One of the primary benefits of mulching in Bergen County NJ is for the flower bed to retain moisture. A layer of mulch, a few inches thick, can reduce the water needs of plants. In the blistering summer months plants dry up quickly, a high-quality mulch will prevent any serious heat damage.

Mulch also acts a weed suppressant. Mulching in Bergen County NJ will impede the seeding and germination of weeds in, and around, your plant bed. This is because a weed’s seed needs to have soil contact before germination can take place.

Mulch will also regulate the temperature in your flower bed. Plants of different varieties can be more sensitive to changes in temperature when it comes to their roots. Keeping the roots cooler in the summer greatly improves the life-span of your plants and flowers.

Cirino Landscaping offers professional mulching in Bergen County NJ at competitive prices. All our landscaping services are fully guaranteed. At Cirinio Landscaping, we want to make your dream landscape a reality.

If you would like to find out more about mulching in Bergen County NJ, call Cirino Landscaping today and speak with one of our trained landscaping professionals.

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