Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lawn Care in Bergen County NJ

Maintaining your lawn is an important part of keeping your home fresh and lively. More than that, in some areas there are laws against those who don't follow proper upkeep. However, lawn care in Bergen County NJ is more than a cosmetic issue. There are reasons why you should consider lawn care among your top priorities. 

Serving New Jersey since 1989, Cirino Landscaping knows how to restore your yard from brittle to bright. We have years of experience, an eye for details, and honed skills to efficiently give your property widened appeal and thriving life. If coming home to a well-maintained and primped yard is important to you, then Cirino Landscaping's lawn care in Bergen County NJ will give you the "welcome home!" you've dreamed of. Colorful, vibrant, and lush, we create lawn space to complement your home and yourself. 

We've assembled a few reasons why lawn care should be a priority, but there are always more to consider. After reading, go ahead and call our lawn care professionals for more ideas or to schedule an appointment to reinvigorate your lawn.

Prevent Lawn Diseases

Although this may seem fairly obvious to some homeowners, others weren't even aware that those discolorations and patches where the grass refuses to grow are diseases. Maintaining your lawn is an easy way to prevent these ugly spots from showing up and causing havoc to your otherwise decent grass and landscaping arrangement. Once those diseases spring it, it may be hard to limit their growth on your own - professional lawn care in Bergen County NJ can eliminate the problem areas and restore your yard to a more lush state. By maintaining your lawn, you can prevent these issues from creeping up at all.

Maintains Pests and Weeds

Pests are known to hide in tall grass. This can include ticks and other insects. But often times, the pests are of the more ferocious type. In order to make sure your home is safe from any of these animals that may cause you or your family harm, you should perform regular lawn care in Bergen County NJ. And you may not consider weeds a pest, but your grass certainly does.

Increases Your Curb Appeal

This is among the most important reasons for homeowners. Of course, you want your house to be worth as much as possible. By keeping the lawn looking sharp and free of diseases, pests, and other spots of discomfort, you're doing wonders by your property value. And this is why, as mentioned above, there are strict ordinances in some communities against the lack of lawn care.

We proudly work on properties throughout Bergen County, including the following communities:
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Landscaping Company in Bergen County NJ

Take a look out your window. Does anything about your lawn jump out at you? Is there any way it can be improved, sharpened, or cleaned up? Well, even if you answered no to that question (which we are sure you didn't), then we can always assist. Our landscaping experts look at lawns and the surrounding area with eyes that you may not have. This is because our landscaping company in Bergen County NJ has seen every type of lawn setup, and more than that, we've helped develop some of the most breathtaking landscaping projects in the area. 

Cirino Landscaping has beautified residential and commercial properties since 1989. Our landscaping company in Bergen County NJ is committed to the continued beauty of our community, providing homeowners with tranquil space to unwind after a long day at work. Likewise, we offer commercial services for the enjoyment of all on your property. We feature an entire fleet of dump trucks, back hoes, and pick up trucks designed to tackle any and all lawn projects. Our years of hard work has made us a trusted source for well-maintained, beautiful lawns throughout Bergen County - and we're sure we can upgrade your lawn, too!

Not convinced? We have several ideas to spruce up your lawn and bring new life to your property, whether it be commercial or residential.

Add a Fountain

A fountain is one of the easiest ways to make your lawn come alive. More than greenery, a fountain gives you running water right in the middle of the growths. Water, the essence of life, makes everything come alive. You can make a simple wishing well type fountain, or even insert small fish and frogs to make everything come alive, literally.

Consider a Path

Paths to and fro specific areas of your lawn bring you new ways to experience your yard. You can set up trees around a path, set stones on the floor, and create your own personal oasis on your property that you never thought was possible. Whether you're coming or going, resting or walking, a path is a perfect way to get a little escape in the familiar territory of your property. Let our landscaping company in Bergen County NJ help realize your relaxation hideaway.

Complement the Trees and Flowers

Another way to make everything come alive is by adding a complementing pattern of colors and hues to your tree, flower, shrub, and bushes collection. We're fond of purple, as it serves multiple purposes and is available for all growth types. Or it could just be that we're fans of how jasmine looks and smells.

There you have three ideas to spruce up your existing lawn. There are always more ideas in store for those willing to experiment. Call us today and see how we can help your property grow into something new and beautiful.

Our landscaping company in Bergen County NJ serves all communities, including:

For more information about our landscaping company in Bergen County NJ, call Cirino Landscaping at (201) 891-0955.