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Lawn Maintenance in Bergen County NJ

4 Signs Your Lawn Has a Bug Problem

Short of actually seeing the bug infestation, do you know how to tell if your lawn has a bug problem? In the best interest of your lawn’s health, it is a great idea to know how to recognize the signs you have a problem with bugs and call us for lawn maintenance in Bergen County NJ.

Cirino Landscaping cares about the state of your lawn. Our lawncare professionals work hard to achieve beautiful results on New Jersey properties, using our years of experience, quality materials, and expert methods. We work with residential and commercial property owners to increase property appeal and value. When you call us for lawn maintenance in Bergen County NJ, you receive competitive bids and expert work completed with eyes for detail and commitment to your yard's aesthetic.

Continue reading for signs your yard may be harboring bugs.

1. There Are Patches of Yellow and Brown Around The Lawn

Grass should always be green. It turns yellow and brown when it is dying. If the grass is not dying because of a season change, this is happening because the bugs are eating, gathering, and mating in your lawn. The problem will start out as a few small spots in the lawn, but it will quickly spread if the bugs are not eradicated and your yard's integrity preserved with lawn maintenance in Bergen County NJ.

2. Grass Starts Acting Like Carpet

You should not be able to easily lift up sections of your lawn and roll it up as if it were a rug you were putting away for the winter. Unfortunately, this is a warning signs bugs have gotten under the grass and eaten all of the roots. This disconnects the grass from the ground. When this happens, the grass will slowly die as it is unable to absorb nutrients and water from the ground without roots.

3. There Are Mounds of Dirt Across Your Entire Lawn

Mounds of dirt scattered throughout the lawn is a surefire warning sign of an ant infestation. While there are a wide range of different ant species, any of them can cause problems for your lawn. Fire ants, however, are the most dangerous and painful problem to have. Sprinkling some cinnamon on your lawn is a quick and easy way to get rid of your ant problems. However, lawn maintenance in Bergen County NJ is a surefire way to ensure protection against ant infestations.

4. You Have Small Bites on Your Skin

If you notice small and itchy bumps on your feet, ankles, and/or legs after spending time in your lawn, it could be a sign you have a pest problem. If left untreated, the pests could migrate from your lawn to your home. Fleas, chiggers, and ticks are the most common culprits of these small and itchy bites as they enjoy feeding on blood.

We complete professional lawn maintenance in Bergen County NJ on all properties, including the following areas:

If you know you have a pest problem, you need to look for all-natural solutions or talk to an expert. The last thing you want to do is spray harsh chemicals as they can also kill your lawn.

For more information about lawn maintenance in Bergen County NJ, call Cirino Landscaping at (201) 891-0955.

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